As a small girl in Poland, Amelia fell in love with the exotic art of henna—the lines, the details, the patterns and process. Fifteen years later she is a self-taught master of the medium, world-renowned for her original designs, and practicing at an elite level. But her passion and creative curiosity proved to be much broader.

Heavily influenced by the traditional art of surrounding Easter European cultures, Amelia began applying the methods and tools of henna art to glass and canvas painting, using hand-rolled cones while substituting quality acrylics in place of henna paste—a technique she helped pioneered.

From her home in downtown Charleston, Amelia creates one-of-a-kind pieces, each meticulously hand-painted with great detail and care. The result is a 3-dimensional and elegant fine-art you will find nowhere outside of the Holy City.

From Eastern Europe, to Northern Spain, to the Charleston peninsula, Amelia’s international accumulation of talent has found its home. May her unique art bring a little bit of beauty into yours.